The Evolution River Series answers the questions:

Why are we here? Where are we going?

Can creationism and evolution merge?


The first chidren's book by R.L. Clayton with Abby Pickering
Now Avaliabe on Amazon and as an ebook at bookshout

Cover_The Envoy   Cover_Genesis   cover_envoy
Volume 1 Sea Species  

Volume 3 The Genesis

  Volume 2 The Envoy
Our successors are here now   The cycle of the universe repeats   The escape for survival begins

The Seaspecies has been rewritten,
stay tuned for the new and improved edition

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The Evolution River Series

A culmination of a lifetime of wondering where we are going in ageless time and the metaphysical world becomes a story of evolution, and though the path may vary, the end is the beginning, and it is set. Open your mind beyond our traditional science and beliefs into a universe greater than our senses and our minds can conceive. Whether you believe or not, the saga will make you see beyond today.

R.L Clayton: Author


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