Working with Steve on cover design. 

I'm hoping to have the cover finalists for Dead Prey next week. I'll post them for comments. Tell me what you think.

Just when I thought I was nearly done with Dead Prey, I had a flash about another chapter to add. Sooooo writing again. I WAS about half through with third set of edits. Now, not so much. This new chapter opens up another line for the story. Still hoping to get the book out in August.

First edit is moving ahead on Dead Prey. About half way through. I figure about 6 times through and it'll be ready to go to the editor.

I'm more than 1/2 through with first edits on Dead Prey  Book may be out in August. 

I have finished the first draft of Dead Prey. The first run-thru of editing is underway.  Since my editing group has become a victim of COVID 19, there will be many editing sessions before it even goes to my editor. I really depended on that group and its demise is a blow. Besides, it was my only social event. I did go to the mountains and escaped the heat. Pinetop was quiet with little traffic in my neighborhood. Not as much in town. A lot of Arizonans flee the valley heat there. While letting the MS rest, I binge watched The Wire, easily one of the best dramatic series ever broadcast. For those of you who don't know about it, The Wire portrays the dirty and gritty side of American inner city life , one we don't want to see. LOVE THAT SERIES!

As I continue with Dead Prey. I'm astounded by what the research reveals. It was the same with previous books, especially with Dead Reckoning where I researched bio weapons. Those date back to the dawn of civilization. In those cases, infected people were placed into the ranks of the enemy. In some cases, catapults heaved the bodies of infected people into the midst of the castles. In the Americas, diseases common in Europe devastated the native Americans. The problem with bio warfare is the difficulty in controlling it. It gets away way too easily. Then what? Today's research is with the drug cartels. UGH!

This sequestration is pretty great for writers. Lots of time with few distractions. Moving ahead on Dead Prey.

I spent the last week in the White Mountains trying to get my yard cleaned up. The HOA is pretty aggressive about fire safe, and I think that's a good idea. A forest fire roaring through there would destroy a lot of homes. It's come c;lose in the last few years. I can't believe that yard cleanup rate is about $50 per hour. They must have a union. I did get a lot of writing done on Dead Prey  The temps there were delightful, highs about 80, lows about 48. So the novel is moving ahead. This sequestration has put a damper on our editing group, though maybe we can Zoom the sessions. I'll see about that. Hope everybody is well.

This sequestration has given me the chance to move ahead on my newest book, Dead Prey. I figure the rough draft is about  2/3 done.  I'm having real fun with it. I need a barber!. I'm going to look like a successful writer if this keeps up.

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