WHAT A SURPRISE! I opened the newspaper to find a review of Dead Reckoning. Here it is:


DEAD RECKONING:DESCENT INTO DYSTOPIA  By R. L. Clayton (R. L. Clayton, $14.99)

 In this second of his "Dead" series, retired Tucson engineer R. L. Clayton reprises his crack Afghan War sniper Kathleen (Kiki) Russell and his interrogator -par-excellence Nick Sabino (along with their demonic whisperer The Director) to try to save the US from a two-pronged bio-and cyber attack. 

Gone underground—and presumed dead—after refusing a government assignment they could not countenance, Kiki and Nick have been on an extended sail around the world. They briefly surface for family bereavement just as a lethal strain of smallpox is unleashed on an unvaccinated American population, and a computer virus shuts  down the country's infrastructure. With people dying by the millions, cities without electricity or the capacity to pump water, and the rule of law breaking down, Nick's particular form of psychological interrogation becomes vital. Nick and Kiki are called upon to uncover international plots (think nuclear states) and to address the descent into anarchy within the U. S. itself.

Book Three's on the horizon.

Christine Wald-Hopkins


Hope I see a spike in interest.


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