Best TUSCON yet.

TUSCON 45 was the best one I've been to! It was a fully packed 3 days, with sessions from 9 until midnight. Movies played 24 hours, and gaming went on and on. Many familiar faces. I went to a session about becoming an actor. Now realize I don't have enough talent that it would have to consume my life for me to have even the smallest bit of success. Thank you Eric Shumacher for that life lesson. I have been watching actors on the screen with new eyes, trying to see their awareness of the camera, the set, their fellow actors. It's an interesting exercise instead of just sitting there like a lump being entertained. I am in awe of those who stick with it and make a go of it. I also attended a costuming session. What a riot. those people have so much fun taking STUFF and making costumes. To look at a pile of junk and see what can be made takes talent. NASA had a couple of good sessions, one on the Apollo program and another about the access to literally TONS of free information from them. Great resource. Another session was about critique groups. The main gist was that they can be invaluable in improving ones writing skills. A bad one can be a disaster. Constructive criticism makes you better. That would be when remarks are made to improve your writing, not build someone else's ego. The Burlesque session was a riot. Lotta flesh there. I loved it. Thank you to those who worked so hard to put this together. You don't nearly enough kudos.

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