Children's book?

I've been thinking of doing a children's book. Yes, I know it's a vast departure from my other genre. At the book festival, Habitat for Humanity and Caid coupled up with a robot and hard hat decoration program that drew in lots of kids. So, I thought there should be a kids book on the table. We'll see how the ideas go. I might have to recruit my granddaughter to help. She's 7, and that's my target age. We'll see. My plate's getting full and no writing is happening at the moment. My brain is telling me to take a little time off.

The plot for Dead Again (that's the tentative title of the sequel to Dead & Dead For Real) is rolling around in my head, so I'm not idle. So far, the picture I have of conditions in the US is bleak. We'll see what continues to develop. I'll be putting together a newsletter soon, too.

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