Steve asked me to start working on a new newsletter. Not a lot has happened since my last, so I started throwing stuff in the ring. I have been working hard on the sequel to Dead& Dead For Real, so I sent him the Prologue. It really sets the tone for the new book, and I warn you, It is nasty dirty nitty gritty horror. Nope, no gore or blood, but MUCH WORSE. Yes I violated some of the rules of writing fiction in the book.That smacks you in the face in the Prologue. You know, there's a lot of dystopia (literally translated, dystopia means "an undesirable place") stuff out there. Hunger Games is one example. The book depicts how we descend into dystopia, and that's not a common book theme. So enter my new book. Read more in the newsletter. If you're not receiving it, sign up.

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