I went to a class on e-marketing yesterday. Learned some things. One thing was that the majority of the class was business professionals working for companies hoping to expand their visibility online. Sure, I want to do that, but for them it was their job, what they did for their 8 hour day. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO. Naive me, I keep waiting to be discovered so I won;t have to do any of that. So I have to put that on the shelf with the other dreams ta=hat are faded and probably not achievable in my lifetime. I need to slap myself in the face again with reality and go back to writing. Meanwhile, I'm awaiting the files to submit to IngramSpark to get my books printed and distributed with them. Unfortunately, Steve has another life that pays better than me. So, I'm not on the top of the list. BACK TO WRITING. One of my editors thinks I should create a new brand. For those of you not familiar, that's the public image an author creates. She suggested "THE MODERN FUTURIST." I really like that, and with the paranormal metaphysical thread that runs through my writing, perhaps it's not far off. The new series I'm envisioning would be deeply involved with that. I need to get the next newsletter out

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