I'm still trying to get Penelope the Pooting Spider done. The print version is submitted and Steve and I are futzing with the ebook version. Nothing's easy.
Meanwhile, thanks to you, who visit my www.evolutionriver.com site, I've returned to one of my favorite places. That is on board the starship Sylvix heading toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's a peaceful place to be with no one around unless I want to join the Collective Mind. Once in that mind, the space and time outside Sylvix changes with new dimensions and other matter. The 3 dimensions of space and time are meaningless when I can instantly be anywhere and anywhen These can only be experienced when my mind is part of a much bigger whole because my human brain is too small to encompass more than what is in our physical world. It's all out there, we just don't have the capacity as individuals to sense it.

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