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I had an interesting conversation with one of my readers. She put Sea Species down when she had trouble relating to any of the characters (protagonists) in the story within the first 60 pages. That disturbed me until I realized that the main character in the book is Kihhim, the community in Arizona or Kahchk Kihhim, the sea nation. The people  were all parts of the growing entity of the community they were creating. Sure, I imagined the characters like Katharine and Leticia and actually put actors faces with them. Katharine was Rene Russo and Leticia was Halle Berry, but the whole trilogy is about the evolution of individuals e.g. humans into a connected entity. The start of that is Kihhim, and that is the central character. So who's my favorite character in the trilogy? Actually, I have two. One is Leticia, who will do anything for the survival of her family, Kihhim, and that includes rebuilding a ruined Earth. My other favorite character is Sylvix, the biological starship. 

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