I'm working hard at getting things together for Dead Reckoning. I had to change the cover (it was too dark) and change some of the formatting, so that translates to more time before it is good enough for me to offer for sale. Please be patient. I want to offer the best effort. As much as I dislike the promo stuff, it has to be done, so posters, cards, all that stuff has to be done. I admit I do like talking face-to-face with readers. I get the most interesting questions. As an example, I sold a coy of Sea Species to a friend at the North American Hobie Cat Championships. I also donated the full set of the Evolution River series. I am anxious to hear what they thought about it.


Eighteen chapters into Left 4 Dead and eager to find out where the story goes. I only have a vague idea. The characters tell me what happens next. It's much like reading a good book and looking forward to the next chapters. I love this!

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