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With the onset of the holidays, our editing CoOp has not met in a couple of weeks an dmy writing has suffered. Well, okay there's more to it than that. I've been focused on getting materials and websites up to date, and that takes away from writing, plus the TUSCON sci-fi conference was there. Now I have the book signing tomorrow at Bookman's. What this does is take away writing time, so my plotting has been mental. Left 4 Dead is proceeding, but not at the written pace I want. The Co Op forced me to write down what I was plotting so it could be edited. Bottom line. I need to get back to writing.

Meanwhile, I am getting interest in the Evolution River Series is sparking some interest. I would like to promote more (less time writing, again) but it is an area I am not so pretty good at. As Clint Eastwood says, "A man's gotta know his limitations."

Hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate that American holiday, then still take a pause and assess all the good you have. At least for a few minutes push the bad aside.

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