Review of Dead Again

My latest book, Dead Again, got reviewed in the paper today! Here's the review:

Arizona Daily Star,/ Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dead Again

By R. L. Clayton (R. Clayton Enterprise, Inc. $15.99)

Wide Swatches of the United States lay in ruins following a biosecurity attack. The government has completely abandoned California, leaving it to rival gangs all bargaining for position. Sean Gallen, leader of the Charon’s Children motorcycle gang, is poised to turn this outlaw state from an anarchy to an oligarchy. So why is he looking over his shoulder? Because his last summit ended in a high body count caused by an unknown assailant. Gallen suspects his old nemesis, Kiki Russell–a former military sniper and special agent of the president. Impossible to stop and determined to take back the state.

What he doesn’t know is that Kiki is wounded and recuperating with a band of refugee kids in Arizona. Kids much older than their years, ravaged by violence, eager for recruitment and intent on vengeance.

Dead Again is the third in the “Dead” series; a fourth in the series is forthcoming.

–Vicki Ann Duraine


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