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I got an guestbook response asking for more information about what happens in writing and publishing. So, here goes a little. 

I self publish because:

Traditional publishing is hard to get

Traditional publishing takes up to and many times more than a year.

The main advantage of traditional publishing is distribution.

As a self published author, you take on editing responsibility, cover design, formatting,promotion, distribution, in short, everything.

On Create Space, your book will be available on Amazon within 3 days of proof approval.No cost. Create space does take a hefty percentage of each sale.

I use Bookbaby as my e-book published and distributor. There is an upfront cost, but theroyalties mostly go to you.

I have made mistakes;

covers too dark, grammatical errors, cover sizing errors, bunches of stuff. Imuddled through and made a better product. Create Space is easy to makecorrections. Bookbaby is easy to make corrections, but the books are pulled off theshelf from 2 to 3 works until corrections are incorporated.

I hope this helps those who are writing.

Meantime, I'm writing again. Let me know if I can help.

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