TFOB 2016

What a great Tucson Festival of Books! I sold a goodly number of books and met some really nice people. I'm working on a new issue of the newsletter and will have some pictures from the Festival. I also got some great news that WIngs of the W.A.S.P, was reviewed in the Arizona Daily Star. Here's the review.

Arizona Daily Star

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Wings of the W. A. S. P. by R. L. Clayton (Createspace Independent Publishing, $14.99; 7.99 digital

During World War II, WASPS (Women Airforce Service Pilots) flew domestic missions, freeing up male pilots for combat and service duty. It was a valuable wartime contribution, but the female flyers in R. L. Clayton’s eye-opening historical novel were not welcome by the military brass at the Marana Airfield. When an attempt to sabotage a WASP by causing a mid-air incident goes horribly wrong – and a cover-up at the highest levels ensues – Sgt. Joe Clark risks everything to set the historical record straight and put his own demons to rest. Clayton, who lives in Tucson was inspired by his mother’s war-time experiences as a WASP.

Helena Woodham

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