TFOB success

The Tucson Festival Of Books was a great success for me. I cannot give enough thanks to Caid Industries and Habitat for Humanity in allowing me to set up a table in their booth. Thank you Thank you. Special thanks to Nancy and Bill A.

I sold 20 books, including 2 complete sets of the Evolution River Series. I especially want to hear back from Melody and The Twins as to their thoughts fo the series. I sold out of Wings of the WASP and Dead & Dead For Real on the first day, Not to worry, I had more, though I am now out of Wings. The order has shipped. This is good news, because I am anticipating more sales as my wife texted me while at the festival that the Arizona Daily Star reviewed Wings of the WASP favorably. Below is the review:

Arizona Daily Star

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Wings of the W. A. S. P. by R. L. Clayton (Createspace Independent Publishing, $14.99; 7.99 digital

During World War II, WASPS (Women Airforce Service Pilots) flew domestic missions, freeing up male pilots for combat and service duty. It was a valuable wartime contribution, but the female flyers in R. L. Clayton’s eye-opening historical novel were not welcome by the military brass at the Marana Airfield. When an attempt to sabotage a WASP by causing a mid-air incident goes horribly wrong – and a cover-up at the highest levels ensues – Sgt. Joe Clark risks everything to set the historical record straight and put his own demons to rest. Clayton, who lives in Tucson was inspired by his mother’s war-time experiences as a WASP.

Helena Woodhams


I did reduce the e-book price, so, get 'em while they are hot!

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