I attended the TUSCON 43 Sci-fi conference this past weekend. What a lot of fun. Great people, great costumes, great program. George R. R. Martin was the honored guest, and he was a blast to listen to. There's more coming from him, and Game of Thrones keeps on going. I attended sessions that will improve my writing and talked to people about self publishing. The traditional industry is still fighting tooth and nail to keep their market, though the landscape has changed dramatically. No print house offered to pick up my books. Boo Hoo. I rationalize that rejection by saying I probably wouldn't like it anyway, but the truth is the offer would do my sagging self esteem a lot of good. ANYWAY, book signing at Bookman's on Ina November 27 from 2 to 4. I'll be there with Dead Reckoning and the rest of my work. Come on out. Let's talk. I'm always open to ideas for new writing. (I'll put your name in a book)

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