Evolution River

I am making good progress on Left 4 Dead. More than 50 chapters, 230 pages. The ending is starting to crystallize. As with previous stories, I'm living the characters now, thinking plots during the day, dreaming them at night. Now I need to kick up my editing. Tall Grass Editing Co Op just finished chapter 31 this week.

I'm getting inquiries about my children's book, Bernice the Barking Spider. I have no problem finishing the writing on it, it's the graphics. Those will cost. I'll have to talk to Steve. Probably need to include SmashWords. Illustrations present challenges in e-books. If I include them, it might get done.

Talked to a fellow author about my next terrorist thriller book. I knew I was on the right track when goosebumps rose on her arms as I related the plot. The fun I'm having with the terrorist thriller books precludes me from finishing Bernice.

I am seeing a lot more interest in my www.evolutionriver.com website. Let me hear from you on topics you'd like to discuss. I do love to pontificate about evolution. When I was writing the Evolution River Series, it became obvious that the path I laid out was a very realistic path forward. It was so logical. Sure, there could be a lot of details that would be different, but I saw only one endpoint, and I still maintain the one I presented or some variation is where the evolution of life is headed. The details of how life achieves this point can vary, and I only presented one way to get there. Logical it is. The problem for us in conceiving this is that our brains aren't large enough. Somehow we have to evolve past the limitation of brain size. My story is one such way to do that.

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