As with many of my discussions at book signings, several people wanted to know more about my portrayal of evolution. I start off by saying I don't want to get into the past, that is, who or what created our world. The question is, do you believe humans will be the same in 10,000 years? How about 100,000 years? If you say no, then you believe in evolution. All species change in response to their environment, even if those changes are due to that species. I always picture a Petri dish with a culture growing within it. To survive, the organisms within it adapt to the contents. If they outgrow the contents, they die, but something else grows. 

In the Evolution River series, I wanted people to look at human evolution through slightly different eyes. Not just human evolution but the evolution of the universe. The premise that a quantum leap in evolution will occur when we design life seemed right. Sea Species is a story of how humans and the new species try to accommodate each other. 

What do you think? Will we be the same eons into the future? Will we even be here? If not us, then who? Is that evolution of life?


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