newsletter 4/16

As many of you know, April's newsletter came out. THank you Steve for pushing me to geterdone! I have been getting into the new D&DFR sequel, Dead Otra Vez, My dreams last night were of a particularly gruesome future in the US after a "New Warfare" attack. Characters from D&DFR are back, plus new ones. I am having fun with this. I'm going to make an effort to get some more book signings going. Bookman's has been open, an Antigone and Mostly Books are carrying my books.

This Thursday is the Writers Motivational Workshop at the Oro Valley Library. It is a fun time. Afterward, we hang out at a restaurant, gorge ourselves and tell stories about writing stories. The WMW is open to anybody, so if you even have an inkling that there may be a book lurking in your brain, meet us there at 10 am.

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