Thrillerfest was quite educational for me. The latest buzzword in the editing and publishing industry is Point of View. It was hammered into us in numerous sessions. Yes, I'm guilty of head hopping. That's changing POV within chapters, pages, or sections. I'm in the process of doing some rewriting to correct that. Why? One agent I sent a sample of  Dead & Dead For Real to came back with admonishments and request to rewrite. I'll do it because I can now see where it could be confusing to not know who's doing the talking or thinking. Will I rewrite the whole book? Only given an incentive.

Meanwhile, I just finished a vacation on the beach in Mexico with my family and friends. what a blast. 

Writing again now. I want to submit Penelope the Pooting Spider to a publisher. Steve's working on some illustration for the book. I picture a "Read to" age 4 to 6 years old and "Read" for 6 to 8 years old. I'll post a summary here when I finish one. Also writing on Risen From The Dead. 

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